Monday, June 9, 2008

ACOG's Recent Admission.

From their statement on the Midwifery Year in Review:
"Declining availability of VBAC.
The situation with hospitals declining to do VBAC deliveries has complicated our
advocacy efforts on midwives. ACOG Fellows in California, Washington and other
Western and Rocky Mountain states report that women are seeking out alternatives,
including home birth with midwives, in their desire for a VBAC. The VBAC issue was
one of several sticking points in California as stakeholders weighed-in on regulations to
implement a midwife licensure law"

In reading this, one has to wonder.
ACOG's guidelines are the reasons hospitals decline to do VBAC's and while over 300 hospitals have specific bans on vaginal birth after cesarean, violating women's civil rights and rights to informed refusal for medical procedures....the vast quantity of people denying women VBAC are OB's themselves. One office and one practice at a time, they have eliminated safe birth for women after cesarean in the US. And read what this really says. ACOG is having problems getting RID of the care providers who OFFER choice, midwives.

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