Friday, May 30, 2008

Yet another "We Can't Think out of the Box" Article

So the WSJ has encouraged us to realize that they no longer hire true reporters either, but simply biased ones who want to slam childbirth educators. I love how she winks subtly at the slam of her educator who obviously thought that those who use drugs are selfish, then fails to realize that in the next sentence she reveals that she had to force herself into a one hour class because that's all she had time to give for her birth plans and enjoyed the relaxation of the event and the focus like it was a sudden awareness that this might be something she wants to give thought to or relax with.

I wonder how much time she spent buying a stroller? a bed? her car?

The point being missed is rather obvious: Childbirth classes are becoming unnecessary because women ARE more selfish about their births, less worried about the eventual consequences, more trusting of care providers who have done nothing to earn their trust, more accepting of the abuses in a hospital birth because they are told it's protocol and the hospitals have completely co-opted the birthing process, up to and including controlling the information given out by their childbirth educators.

Another "fox guarding the henhouse" moment brought to you by this blog.


Anonymous said...

So what if she only spends an hour thinking about her birth plan? You know, a lot of women just want to have a baby and don't particularly care about the particulars. Just because it's your hobby doesn't mean it needs to be everyone's. You may not be aware, but a lot of women are actually performing at high level jobs as professionals, lawyers, etc. and don't have time to think about all this stuff. said...

I don't see the above anonymous comment as representative of lawyers and professionals, who I would think would be more likely to do their due diligence and research when it comes to their own birth process.

So the argument is that educated women don't have time to... educate themselves? To think critically about how they will be treated in a hospital and how that might impact their health, their baby's health and their future reproductive life?


An angry day on the trolling circuit for "anonymous," perhaps.