Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Power of Cesareans

I had a visible reminder this weekend of the power of cesareans. That unseen, tangible angst of a woman who is planning her next pregnancy. Or not. And I want to ask OB's how they treat the aftermath of the cesarean?

Have you ever walked into a room to find your wife sobbing, not because she can't get pregnant, but because she is terrified to make that journey? I know husbands and wives who daily are facing those tears because they can't stand the thought of having their choices taken from them, forced into a surgery they MUST comply with or be refused care or seek care wherever they can find it, or give birth at home alone, without a midwife to help them. Frankly, I find it reprehensible and tragic that we allow these doctors to put women in that kind of state over simply deciding if they want to have another child in their lives.

This is mass control of reproduction, for the sake of defensive medicine and malpractice. Many times, these women are asked repeatedly during their cesarean, or leading up to it, if they want to have a tubal ligation. Pushed because of the "risks" of multiple cesareans. And yet, no one wants to do VBAC because it might risk the care provider. Not the mother or the baby. The care provider.

Studies show that more women choose to be infertile after the trauma of a cesarean, EVEN if it was a planned cesarean. What does this say about the process of surgery and recovery?

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CappuccinoLife said...

We have a religious conviction against sterilization and birth control in general, but I know without a doubt that if I ever end up with a c-section, that conviction will be severely tested. :( I'm not the least bit surprised to read of aquaintances saying they're "done" after a c-section, even though previously they had wanted a large family. They don't like to admit that it was the c-section that prompted the decision though, because that might involve questioning whether it was necessary.

I have quick, easy, normal births and still face tremendous pressure to submit to all sorts of unnecessary procedures. I imagine attempting a VBAC would multiply that stress and frustration immeasurably. :(