Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cesarean Awareness Month

Two things about Cesarean Awareness Month:

1. ICAN memberships are cheaper. While this may not sound like much...it means that you can do more for women for less money. Help em out, would you?

2. Oh, yeah..and there is this little statistical analysis that came out yesterday or so..

From the summary:

"Some factors that help explain the rising caesarean rates are:
increasing maternal age, rates of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and
multiple gestations. However, the increase in proportion of caesarean
births exceeds actual increases (individually and collectively) in the
prevalence of these conditions among pregnant women. In other words,
the caesarean birth rate is rising faster than medical or demographic
conditions would justify."

The report is available here:


In OTHER words..it aint cause we're fat, unhealthy or any other reason. Let's pin that blame back squarely on the shoulders of those who are making the choice to cut:
The Medical Care Providers.


Anonymous said...

It's a long report, so I don't know if I'll even skim it all, but another passage I found interesting was this:

• Women’s health involves their spiritual, emotional, cultural and physical well-being, and is determined by the social, political, cultural and economic context of women’s lives, as well as by biology.
• In defining women’s health, we recognize the validity of women’s life experiences, and women’s own beliefs about, and experiences of, health.
• We believe that a woman should be provided with the opportunity

So...ummm...wait a minute, doesn't that mean that the emotional experience of birth is important, not just the physical?

That really would be groundbreaking if medical professionals would acknowledge that.


Anonymous said...

Oops...I chopped off part of that 3rd bullet point. It should read:

We believe that a woman should be provided with the opportunity to achieve, sustain and maintain health, as defined by the woman herself, to her full potential.


Anonymous said...

I posted a question on March 21 in response to a post you made about the CDC listing birth stats (my state Dept of Health lists more current stats, though not by much--2006 just went live a month or so ago. Does list more types of stats)...not sure if you saw it so I'll repost it here...

"And my county has a 34.89% rate of cesarean and a 23.58% for all first time mothers having cesareans."

I want to challenge you on this, because I believe you are making a common mistake.

Have you looked up the "primary" cesarean rate, and determined that this is the cesarean rate for first time mothers?

It's not. Its a measure of how many cesareans are the mother's first cesarean. So it could be a 2nd time mother, or 3rd... and the denominator is the number of women who starting labor...had never had a cesarean before.

The reality is that the cesarean rate for primaparas is about 1.5 to 2 times the "primary cesarean rate." Which would mean that in your county, anywhere from 35-46% of first time moms are birthing via cesarean.

Scary, huh? When birth advocates start really pushing this information, perhaps some of the mainstream moms will wake up and realize that the revolt is needed NOW!


March 21, 2008 8:25 AM