Wednesday, February 6, 2008

From the Mouths of Mothers

This post is not mine. It's that of a woman in pain who has been harmed by her cesareans and her obstetricians. I'm simply borrowing the soul crunch in order to let you know how it really feels to be on the wrong side of ACOG. This week, ACOG once again showed that restraint of trade is alive and well in the United States. As a backlash to so many people noticing that women have safe births at home all the time, even in the Big Apple, ACOG thought it necessary to tell us that it's trendy to do, but not safe. Well, how about those trends in Cesareans? Casual induction? Coerced Cesareans for "big babies"? Let's face it...we know who is really worried about the trend for midwifery. It's a simple matter of economics. If midwives deliver most of the babies, why would anyone spend 12 years in school learning to be a surgeon for the 15% of cases that need more urgent care or surgery? They don't seem to see that they would then be paid MORE due to scarcity and/or simply having an emergent care situation. By making themselves the arbiter of low-risk women, they have simply gotten their hands into the cookie jar and like all raccoons, won't let go until they are torn ripping and screaming from where they have placed themselves.
Here is ACOG:

And here is that mother's response:

"The main goal should be a healthy and safe outcome for both mother and

Pardon my language - but fuck them...with a garden hoe! I'm so so so sick of
their 'we're just cutting you open and rendering you high risk forever for
your own health" BULLSHIT!!!

It's such a safe outcome that they've spent a decade and a half treating my
uterus like a time bomb...such a safe outcome that I couldn't feel my
clitoris for months and STILL can't feel my bladder from surgery 2.5 years
ago...such a safe outcome that I needed oral antibiotics to combat the infection
in my incision this time and prescription-strength antibiotic ointment to
combat it last time (not that those would likely show up in a study, since
they aren't in any hospital records)...such a safe outcome that I've spent
years wanting to DIE (not because of the much-yammered about "pressure" from
natural birth advocates, either - I'd never met one until during my third
pregnancy)...such a safe outcome that my body feels completely destroyed,
and I've never had a really bad recovery or any official complications.

I could scream. If I weren't afraid of freaking out dd, I *would* scream.

I *love* how they mention that the studies haven't been scientifically
rigorous...but they do specify that they're only talking about studies IN
THE US (not that your average person would catch the significance). I
*might* even be willing to say they had a point - *maybe* being in the
hospital would be best, IF it were just about monitoring...but since it's
also about giving us IVs, making us stay in bed, depriving us of food and
water, augmenting and inducing labour, giving us drugs without our knowledge
or consent, threatening us with CPS if we dont' do what we're told,
etc...what validity their claims might have goes right out the window...

"While birth is a normal physiologic process" (from the press release) - not
in a hospital, it isn't.

Who sounds more like they care about mothers and babies? HINT: it's not the trade union.

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