Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Father's Role

Recently, there have been studies posted in various places about father's increasing a woman's perception of pain and father's increasing the cesarean rate through fear tactics or coercion from the obstetrician involved. What you don't see is the father's role in VBAC or in protecting mothers FROM the treatment involved with birth. So, this is a short, quick five questions to make men think.

1. Why is external fetal monitoring used? Does this work?
2. Why is a woman's amniotic fluid sac usually broken? Is this accurate?
3. Is induction proven to be effective or safe in a normal full-term pregnancy?
4. What is the most common indication for cesarean section?
5. Is it normal birth to be on monitors, lying in a bed, denied food? Would you do it?

I know this is a setup..but if men know better...why do they not speak up for change? Why is it only a woman's job to fight for better births in this country? Do men care that their wives and partners are being treated the way they are or does it feel safer to not speak up and tell the hospitals or obstetricians or nurses "no." Or is it that they are so terrified to be removed, they consent to abuses? Is there a reason why so many men are terrified of homebirth beyond being scared of personal responsibility for the outcomes? Is it worth consenting to the abuses in hospitals? Is there a reason to not step up and say "I will not tolerate you doing this to my wife/my child." JUST to get medical care? Or should we be demanding better care?

Hard thoughts. Hard choices. But where do Real Men stand?

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