Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blogs and Cesarean

Many people don't realize that when they post on their blog, it can be meta-searched and when they post about their cesareans, vast arrays of women read about it. This sort of vicarious watching becomes almost painful when you see someone young and naive take a nose dive into major surgery for no apparent reason.

Recently, a young woman on a blog posted how her baby was "SO BIG" at well over 10 lbs at 38-39 weeks and so she would have to have a cesarean.
Wait. Since when is having a baby an indication for cesarean? Oh. Since she lives in the US.
Wait. Didn't anyone warn her about the possible ramifications of major surgery? No. Her friends and family all loved and supported her without one mention of complications or risks or why is she making this choice?
Wait. Does she know that ultrasounds aren't reliable and that 10 lb babies are born all the time vaginally? I don't know.

So, a week later, she goes in for the elective surgery that will put both her, her baby and any future children at risk for their entire lives. Her entire gyn history and future merge at this one point and begin to make decisions FOR her rather than WITH her. She will have to fight to birth vaginally, should she ever choose to, or she will have to add surgery on top of surgery, increasing risks at every turn and will most likely have an earlier hysterectomy than her vaginally birthing sisters.
For a baby that one week later still wasn't 10 lbs.
For a general surgery that her husband wasn't able to be at.
For an increased risk in other complications that have already begun to occur.

Does she know these things? Will she care one day?
I don't know. Probably, she isn't even aware of all of this.
My heart broke for her and her baby in an odd sort of way. In all that vast sea of "oh, it's ok, cesareans are easy, I did it...blah blah blah...we love you and your baby...we'll care for you..we'll make you meals."
Not one person said "You can do this. You don't need surgery to birth your baby. You deserve better. Let's just try and I'll be there to hold your hand."
Not ONE person believed in her?
just one. A "stranger" on the internet. I believed.

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