Thursday, December 20, 2007

Too Stupid to Push.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's true.
Christina Aguilera is following a long line of celebrities who think it's smarter to choose surgery and a painful recovery with good drugs than a few hours worth of work for their infant. Let's go through the rundown:
1. Cause baby to be born early.
2. Cause baby's body to be filled with drugs that are totally unnecessary.
3. Expose baby's lungs to normal air before being ready to be born.
4. Deny baby all of the benefits to going through the labor process, including clearing out the lungs and causing the reflexes of normal birth to kick into play, raising the baby's permanent risks for asthma, allergies, SIDS...
5. Cause all future children to be at risk for death due to stillbirth or miscarriage due to elective and unnecessary cesarean.
6. Raise risks for hysterectomy and/or pulmonary embolism to mother.

When oh when will these women realize that they should be learning the responsibilities of caring for children rather than ignoring the obvious risks to their behavior?