Friday, November 23, 2007


To View ICAN's new CPD video from mother's who have had VBAC's:

There is no point in reposting something so well done, so feel free to read Kmom's article and the Caesarean myths article as well as watching the CPD video out from ICAN .

The problem with a CPD diagnosis for any woman is that it's based on a guess.
At term:
CPD means you look too small to have a baby.
During labor:
CPD means we couldn't figure out why your baby wasn't descending.
After the Cesarean:
Well, baby didn't descend, therefore it couldn't have ever descended, right?

While the rare medical condition occurs regarding pelvis structure or size, even those conditions are not anathema to a normal birth, they are simply watchwords to keep an eye open if mother or baby are looking like they need intervention. Instead, we intervene without the obvious caution necessary simply because we can.

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