Monday, October 22, 2007

Living "at risk"

I wrote something a while back which I think needs to be reiterated. I've had a very busy month and left the blog a bit empty while I was refocusing and getting organized. So, the renewal period will begin with this:

Obstetricians do know how it feels to be a VBAC mother. They live every day, wondering when someone will give them a gut wrench and hand them a court summons to appear. Knowing that someone else controls their livelihood in the blink of a moment, that gut check controls their existence.
VBAC moms live in daily fear of that gut check. It controls their ability to birth in a safe environment with a care provider they trust. Knowing that at any moment, their "care" could become defensive and controlling, knowing that at any moment, they could be left out to dry and forced to have an unnecessary surgery because of that OB's fear.
The difference is simply meted out in's all fear and misery.
The only real difference in the outcome is this:
An OB could lose their practice, their livelihood, their home or their car.
VBAC mothers could lose their life or their baby's life on that table.
Defensive medicine cannot excuse away the unconscionable actions being taken that endanger our women and babies. Maintaining a license is NOT equivalent to maintaining a life.

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