Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Making Change in Florida

Got the time to call and make a difference? Let us know if you do!

From ICAN of Orlando:

If you only make one call in the next 24 hours, MAKE THIS CALL!

LOCH HAVEN OB/GYN: 407-303-1444
235 E Princeton St - Ste 200
Orlando, FL 32804

Hello Ladies,

We have it on good authority that the doctors at Loch Haven OB/GYN will be having a meeting on Friday to discuss whether they will go back to doing VBACs now that Florida Hospital has lifted their ban. Loch Haven is a major obstetrical group at Florida Hospital. If they start doing VBACs, other OB's might follow.

Please, please, please! Call, write letters, or send emails to them, (or do all 3!). EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE A C/S, PLEASE HELP OUT! Please let them know that you will support them in their decision to protect a woman's right to choose how to birth. Encourage them, in whatever way moves you, to give women the option of VBAC. It is our hope that if they see that there is a market for VBACs, they will be more likely to go back to supporting them. (If they ask why you care if you didn't have a c/s, just say "Any pregnancy in the future may cause me to have to go under the knife. I want to know this option is available to me." Or something like that.)

**If you were a Loch Haven client in the past, or are now, it would be especially helpful for you to call.** If you avoided them because they wouldn't do a VBAC, please tell them so.

Letters must be in the mail by tomorrow AM to make it by Friday, but that may already be too late. I would recommend calls and emails just because we have so little time. Michelle is posting the letter she is sending, that would be a great starting point if you are not feeling very articulate about the topic at the moment. Make your calls/emails/letters personal, brief, and to the point. And, you could also point out that their own Dr. Hill was once a VBAC supporter, and you are excited for him to be again! Do it now, while you are thinking about it! :-) Call me if you need help!

Thanks Everyone!


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