Sunday, September 9, 2007

ICAN and Childbirth Education

Once you latch on to a worthy cause, you can never be sure if you are honest and unbiased about it.

That's how I feel about ICAN ( and VBAC.

However, at a conference like Lamaze, the split was at least fifty/fifty on who knew about ICAN. The International Cesarean Awareness Network has existed for 25 years as a grassroots entity helping mothers prevent cesarean, recover from the surgery, plan for indicated surgeries and promoting VBAC as a healthy, safe way to birth. With 100 chapters in existence, how can so many mainstream educators not be aware of it? What resources are they giving their mothers to deal with the cesarean rate? To deal with the aftermath in a 1 in three society that is in reality 50% in so many places. How are these mothers being supported after a birth goes in that direction? These are questions to be asked because these are the women helping them prepare for birth.

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