Sunday, September 9, 2007

Guess What...there is a Normal....And you get Awards for it!

I've often thought that it was insane to be giving out awards to people for normal things. It's not like they INVENTED it, at best, they've only recognized it or given it a different term for the world to use it. Let's face it, fire was invented a long time ago and the only reason we like those long lighters is because they keep us from getting too close when we light the grill. But cavemen were using long sticks and they were at least biodegradable .

So...Dr James McKenna, the uberdude of co-sleeping and normal infant sleeping behavior stands up at the Lamaze Conference after being given an award and comments on the ridiculousness of receiving an award for the simple acts of a baby simply sleeping with it's mother! I could have hugged him!
Then he does one better.
"The only authority over parents that these professionals have is what the parents choose to give to them."
If only parents believed that and worked with the intuition and assumption that babies deserve to be with their mothers and that parents should be willing to lay down their lives rather than allow the treatment that these so-called professionals of the world regularly and pervasively assault them and their babies with.

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Tami said...

Nice blog Shannon -- I look forward to reading more and forwarding the link on to others.