Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm at work this weekend, hoping to create change. Working to create change. Leaving my family for the priviledge of fighting for our rights. My daughter says "but you're the mommy" when I say I'm just going to work like daddy does all the time. I agree, I'm just the mommy.

But I have three daughters and they stand to lose so much. Their faith in themselves. Their health. Their future fertility. Their choices.
Giving birth in today's climate means that I have to pick one of them to have all of those risks thrown to the wind. And if things continue or they wind up with an obstetrician...their risks go to 1 in 2.

I'm the mommy and if you don't care enough to be doing something, I do. I'm the only one standing between my daughters and that future. Cesareans if necessary, fine, but otherwise, keep your non-evidence based defensive medicine away from my daughters or you will find yourself dealing with me. You may anyway.

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